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How Yoga Keeps Jermaine Jones on Top of His Game

From Stack

“Jermaine Jones, a soccer star for the New England Revolution and the United States National Team, has built his career on being physical. A defensive midfielder, the 6-foot, 180-pound Jones considers it his main duty to stifle opposing attackers before they reach his team’s last line of defense. In every game, he does the dirty work of jostling for position with forwards, banging into midfielders to win headers and diving to poke the ball away from the feet of threatening attackers. As if that weren’t demanding enough, the 34-year-old Jones never stops moving. During the 2014 World Cup, he covered an average distance of 7.5 miles per game.

With all of that running and pounding, Jones is drained by the time he steps off the field—which is why values recovery so much.”If you want to have a long career, you have to be careful about how you treat your body,” he says. And in recent years, he has taken up a special practice to accelerate his recovery and boost his on-field performance—yoga.”

5 Yoga Poses for Soccer Players from DoYouYoga


Soccer involves a lot or running and sprinting during the practice and during games. It’s a very Yang-like activity, and soccer players are getting strength and training on a regular basis,  especially in the leg muscles.

Yoga practice can focus on preventing injuries, creating flexibility and to being the Yin side of life by offering space and a place of calm. The focus of a yoga practice for soccer players is mainly to improve the flexibility in the legs, hips and joints—especially the hips and the hamstrings where people tend to experience tightness.

Here are five beneficial yoga poses for soccer players … Please go to DoYouYoga for the poses.

Christen Press in Yoga Journal

Christen Press in Yoga JournalWhen she’s training, Press enjoys balancing sequences with Tree Pose, Warrior III, and Half Moon Pose.

Christen Press, the 26-year-old professional soccer forward who helped the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team win the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup in July, explains how yoga and meditation “quiet the distractions” in her life and make her a more dynamic athlete. Plus: Her twice-daily Vedic meditation ritual. Read more here.