What It Is


Uniting soccer, fitness & yoga to develop strong body & mind


Join us for a unique and innovative soccer & yoga program specifically created for middle school girls (ages 10-15).

soccer on the mat

The curriculum focuses on building and celebrating the physical and emotional growth through a variety of drills, poses and conversation.  Classes are designed to strengthen and develop many different physical and emotional aspects of each individual while having fun and working together.


4 Key Areas of Development


  • Brazilian Fast Foot Work

  • Technical Drills

  • Ball Skills

The overall goal of these drills are to improve first touch on the ball, speed of play and overall rhythm of the game.


  • Agility Training

  • Core Strength

  • Cardio Endurance Exercise

Cross training for fast foot speed, total body agility with overall attention to injury prevention and muscle development.  Exercises focus on improving body control utilizing proper movement mechanics.


  • Relaxation Techniques

  • Flexibility and Strength

  • Balance

This yoga practice will include basic Vinyasa flow teaching stress release skills.  Other yoga poses will be taught to strengthen muscle groups most utilized by female soccer players with the intent the muscle development will make a stronger player less apt for injuries.


  • Individual & Group Goals

  • Positive Reinforcement for effort and skill

  • Conversations to promote well being, happiness and empowerment

We all have the goal of raising children who work toward being their own personal best.  These sessions will continually incorporate lessons on leadership, teamwork, confidence and character building.

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